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We are a Creative Studio based in New York City that makes 3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality content.

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What is The Third Axis?

The third axis (z-axis), represents space and depth in a coordinate system. We build web content that uses the third axis to simulate reality and showcase brands, art and ideas at full-scale.

Our Approach

Third Axis creates Web-based 3D, AR and VR content that can be embedded into any website and shared with a link!


Our 3D and AR content can be moved, scaled and placed at full-size in your space. Work with us to drive memorable engagment with your brand, art and ideas.

High Fidelity

We create high-quality 3D models, textures, environments and spatial sounds that are optimized for the Web and immersive viewing.


We build 3D and WebXR content that works on Desktop, iOS, Android and the Oculus Quest. Work with us to leverage the power of WebXR.


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About Us

Third Axis is a Creative Studio founded by Ian Petrarca and Kitae Kim. We specialize in building high-quality and performant 3D, AR and VR experiences that can be viewed in a Web-browser, easily shared, and embedded into your website.

What is XR (Extended Reality)?

XR (Extended Reality) is a catch-all term for Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. It's a medium that allows us to holistically design Spatial ideas and deliver them at full-scale on a variety of devices and platforms.

Why Should You Care?

3D and Extended Reality content lets you simulate and experience your ideas at full-scale and form. We can help drive memorable engagement to your art and convert new customers to your business using Extended Reality experiences.

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